Wireless Alarm Telephone Protection System

Wireless Alarm Telephone Protection System

No phone line? No problem! A security system’s most vital link — the telephone line — is also its most vulnerable. Count on LinkNet … the most highly effective alternative second line or backup to alarm transmission over phone lines. The wireless communications service works with existing security systems to assure that alarm signals get through — no matter what.

LinkNet is a service that operates over the control channel of the cellular telephone network (in conjunction with MicroBurst technology provided by Aeris Communications). The control channel has the same coverage as the analog cellular networks, but uses full power, has very little traffic, and no system busy conditions. There are no monthly cellular charges incurred, and no cellular phone call is required. Radios using the AlarmNet network can report into central stations. The transmitter has six zones and an on-board signal strength meter for easy installation.

How does it work?

At the customer premises, the Linknet radio cellular transceiver is hardwired to the control panel. In the event of an alarm, the Linknet radio transmits a signal to the cellular network on its control channel. The actual transmission is accomplished using the same technology that enables any cellular phone to make calls from outside their local areas.

The Linknet radio links to the control channel network as if it were a regular cell phone, but it is capable of sending alarm data in place of the destination (called) telephone number. The cellular network then forwards the packet to the Linknet NCC, where it is sent through another network to the appropriate central station (Linknet networks are presently used only to receive, and not to send alarm messages.) Subscribers are fully supervised, and there is only a low fixed monthly charge for normal traffic.